Life is hard as a student, but not at Wolt 

In case you would like to join as a student through a student cooperative, we have partnership with two associations. The process to work as a student might look confusing, it is easy to drown in the ocean of informations, that is why we took the time and collected all the necessary data you need.

If you are a student but you would like to work as a sole entrepreneur, you have to calculate with a monthly fee of 25000Ft. 

Not to mention the necessary steps you have to complete to become a sole entrepreneur. The following link will help you: FAQ
In case you would like to work through a student cooperative, first of all you have to choose your preferred cooperative. 

Secondly, click on the given links above, to find out the necessary steps you have to take to become our courier. Upon deciding to work through one of our student cooperative partners, a tax of 27% will be reduced from your wage. However, you free yourself from the pain of becoming a sole entrepreneur.  

There are two available options you can choose from, one is the 
Y-Generáció Iskolaszövetkezet and the other is Jobb Kezek Iskolaszövetkezet
clicking on the links will forward you to the page containing the required informations. It is on you to decide which student cooperative you choose.  We can recommend both of them.