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We provide every courier partner with high-quality Wolt branded gears that includes all the equipment needed for delivering food. We would like to ask you to use them as follows:

  • The usage of heating bags or biker bags is mandatory. Take the bag with you into the restaurant every time you enter. After you have received and checked all the food items, place them carefully in your bag in front of the restaurant staff.
  • Those working with a car bag can ONLY use the large, warmer bag for this purpose, it is FORBIDDEN to carry hot food in the smaller bag, as it is intended only for storing cold food! The reason for this is that the smaller bag is not a certified heat carrier, it is not suitable for transporting hot food according to the food safety rules, only and only products that do not require tp be kept warm can be transported in it.
  • In addition to using the heating bag, it's recommended to wear Wolt labeled clothes. This also prevents you from queuing at the restaurant and also makes gives you a professional outlook.
  • It is mandatory to keep all food items in your heating bag all the time until you deliver them. This means that you have to take your order in the bag to the customer's door and open it in front of them to hand over the order. Never leave your bag in the car or on the trunk of your motorcycle, as this is the only way you can meet the food hygiene requirements.

In case we get the third notice from the restaurant staff or from the customers that you did not follow the instructions, we will terminate the contract with immediate effect.

Which is not part of the standard equipment, but you will need it and you must purchase it:


Car couriers: 

  • Car charger or portable charger
  • Phone case


  • Waterproof case for wrists
  • Portable powerbank
  • Helmet

Without it, don't start your shift:

  • Phone charger to prevent your device from being drained during transport
  • Warm and cold bag to keep food temperature and packaging perfect
  • It's recommended to wear Wolt clothing for restaurants and shoppers to recognize

Important! Accessories with the Wolt logo do not exempt you from the obligation to park properly and pay the parking fee!

IMPORTANT! In the interest of reducing personal contact and the possibility of infection to the lowest levels, our new bicycle and motorbike couriers get their Wolt backpacks mounted. You can find the assembly instructions in the video below: 

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