Taking orders

Once you have received the assignment, accept and press the 'I'm on' button. Make sure you have accepted the task and that the app shows you where you need to go on the map. Make sure you know the way to the restaurant! If necessary, launch the navigation application (by clicking on the upper right corner).

Before you get to the restaurant, see if there are any comments on the approach.

Place your vehicle at the entrance of the restaurant so that it is not in the way of pedestrians, especially guests of the restaurant.

Wait until the countdown reaches 0 or the message "FOOD IS READY" appears at the bottom left of the screen and then enter the restaurant. Of course, if it's -10 C degrees outside, don't wait outside, go in to warm up inside if you can.

When entering the restaurant, always greet the personnel!

If the count time is over, take off your helmet, go to the restaurant, say hello, and POLITELY ask how long it will take to finish. Report it to customer service if you experience it.

When your order is ready, ask for it as follows:

“Hi, I came for XY's order. Order number: # 123 ”

Once you have received the paper bag, make sure you get the right order first!

Go through each item according to the application and make sure everything is there. Important! Never open the boxes, just look at the numbers and sizes!

Pro tip: By reading the item list aloud to restaurant staff, you can quickly verify that everything is there.

Pay special attention to making sure that all the drinks and desserts are there. If you take the time to check them out, you can spare yourself a lot of headaches, like having to go back to the restaurant later.

Carefully place the bag in your food carrier bag.

Always say goodbye before you leave the restaurant. If you want to be super nice, wish a nice day for the restaurant staff!