Only mark that you have delivered the order if you have already actually given it to the customer.

When you mark your order as delivered in the courier application, the customer will receive a notification at that moment with the title: "How was the order?" Here they have to evaluate the food and the quality of the delivery, ie your work, separately.

If you mark an order as delivered in the app without it in the customer's hands, our customer service will usually receive the following outrageous messages:

"Where is my order ?? The app shows that the courier has already delivered, but the courier is nowhere !!! 44"

This not only causes extra and unnecessary work for our customer service, but most likely the customer will also evaluate your work negatively, which is not good for you, as a series of negative customer evaluations will sooner or later have consequences!

Please mark the order as delivered in the courier application only if it is already in the customer's possession.